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Here's what a few of you are experiencing with using Homeopathic HCG and Natural Weight Loss products...
Dan Lang
I have been heavy my entire life, but I was drawn into this diet because I have watched my metabolism slow to a halt through the past 10 years. I had given up that I would ever lose the weight and be where I should be, around the 185-190 mark. I started this diet with some hesitancy because of the low calories and fear of really being hungry. I quickly found after the first week I really was not, and the large amounts of water, eating my apples, etc., did fill me up, and I was satisfied. I was highly motivated by the 12 lbs that came off the first week, and 8 that came off the second, and even as it slowed up bit, I watched it steadily come off throughout the duration of the diet. I lost 35 lbs in 40 days, then as I added more calories slowly back in and began a more steady dose of daily exercise, I lost the next 25 lbs in he following month. I successfully lost 60 lbs on the HCG diet in a little over 60 days... no joke! The last half of the diet was my metabolism working as it should be, and I am a believer that this diet truly does kick that back into gear!! I started at 243 and now doing great at 183 where I have been maintaining 1700-1800 calories a day and working out 4-5 times a week. I use an iPhone app called "LOSE IT", and it helps me track everything I eat. It is the X factor to my success and it's staying off! - Thanks, Dan Lang- West Palm Beach, FL
Mel and Sharon Buenger
Our son, Brett Buenger, first found out about HCG  and lost 40 pounds in his first round of 40 days.  We saw the remarkable difference in him as he looked like he had lost much more than 40 pounds and had such a healthy glow to his face.  As a RN, it was in my nature to investigate as much as I could.  I went to the web site and read Dr. Simeon's book.  I was, and am convinced this is the avenue God had for me to be free of gluttony and obesity.  Mel and I went on the drops on August 1st for the 40 days.  We were never hungry and had plenty of energy except when we downed some trees and had to cut them and haul them away at which time we got kinda tired, but  we are 68 and 72 years old!  We followed the diet to the letter for the entire 40 days and found it to be easy to follow, but we were determined and willing to bypass our wants for our needs!  Mel lost 55 pounds and I lost 34 in the 40 days.  We have more to go, but know it will happen when we start back on the diet/drops next week.  Many times during our first round, I would say this does not make sense and it does not according to other diets, but this works if you will follow the diet.  I prayed about this before we began and felt God gave me the go ahead, so I did it as a fast unto the Lord!
Thanks again,
Mel and Sharon Buenger
Gail Pearson
I started this hcg program at 188 lbs and in 6 weeks was down 25 lbs.  It is the easiest diet I have
ever been able to stick with and simply because it was easy to follow the eating guidelines and mainly
taking the hcg drops allowed the pounds  to melt away.  Now I am ready to continue a second
session of dieting to take off 10 more lbs.  Before hcg I just thought my age, 63, was the reason
I just couldn't lose weight.    I really enjoy no side effects with hcg.  Wonderful stuff.
I tell my friends you have a choice, fat on the body or low calories for 6 weeks?  Take your choice.
An easy choice if you are serious about trimming down your size.  The only diet you can go on and in a very short time you are able to say "OK, I'm done!"   Have you EVER in your life been able to say those words about your body
Michelle Porter
 I just placed my second order today for a bottle of HCG for my husband.  He saw my results and wants to try it too. I am getting ready to start my second round soon and can't wait to see the results.  I have tried so many diffferent diets and diet products in the pasr, but never had any success.  With the HCG drops, I lost ten pounds in the first weeek!  I was so excited and it notivated me to keep going.  I lost a total of 25 pounds in 40 days.  I lost inches all over my body and went down 3 sizes in my clothes!  The HCG drops are amazing!  I wasn't even hungry either.  Thank you so much for offering this product at an affordable price
Stephen Modesitt
My Wife and I did the diet.
My Wife did it first and lost about 30 lbs.  From about 180 to 150lbs.  She has maintained this weight for about 6 months now.
So I did it second.  I was 216 when I started and I am now 190lbs.  I have been off the diet for about 3 months.  I was thinking about doing another round to knock off another 10-15lbs.
Amazing how healthy I feel.  I am a heart patient and really went against doctors orders when I started this diet.  I did it for three weeks.
All my doctors are happy with my weight, blood sugar and stress test results since completing this diet! Thank You for our new lease on life!
Stephen Modesitt
Diane Thomas Everett
I have found that maintaining a healthy weight is a 'journey' and not a destination. On my journey since being off the HCG I managed to gain 10 of the pounds back by making wrong food choices and because of my work. As before I am having difficulty dropping the weight even though I have been working with a trainer at the gym. My body is just totally stubborn. So, I want to do another round of HCG. It works for me!Thank you for the times you talked with me on the phone. Your journey with HCG was a huge inspiration to me. And to anyone considering using HCG to drop weight and dramatically reshape their body…if I can do it, at my age (now 63) and with my work schedule anyone can do it.Thank you Mike. I will keep you posted on my progress with this new round of HCG.
Diane Thomas Everett, WA
I read a little bit about the HCG diet when a girlfriend wanted me to go on it with her. I had done the Body for Life workout routine as well as Weight Watchers. But Body for Life wasn't one I could keep up with. I have a career, children, husband and friends. Weight Watchers moves so slowly and it didn't take much to not lose any weight that I wasn't motivated to stay with it after my six month commitment. So, I was skeptical and thought, yeah right, fad diet. I didn't believe in it enough to take a "start" picture of right before I started my first round.
Angel Willard BeforeI've completed 3 rounds. I lost 16-14-14 for a total of 44 pounds. I'll I can say is "I was wrong!". I wasn't hungry, and didn't even think about food that much while on the drops. That stopped with all the "oh, just a bite" thoughts, and actions. Seeing an average of 3 pound a week weight loss was extremely motivating. Being on the diet for 23 days at a time made it mentally doable. Being able to purchase the drops for such a reasonable price made it financially affordable.
The picture of me in the red shirt is from October 2009. I started my first round of HCG in July 2010. The next set of pictures is from October 2010, the last from March 2011. From the other photos you can just see the pounds melt away. Many people have asked what I was doing and 10 of them have gone on the diet. Everyone loss weight, the women averaged 16 pounds, and the men 20 during a 23 day cycle. So, I'm not the exception but the average.
Nothing feels better then pulling out your "thin" clothes to find out they are to big! Thanks Michael for supplying such a great product.
Angel W.
Angel Willard After
Nancy Nicholas
Nancy Nicholas Before
Thank you for providing such a great product!  HCG has helped me to feel like myself again.  Even with the birth of 6 children, over a nineteen year period, I was always able to keep my weight within my normal range.  If I did gain a few pounds, I could easily get it off.  Then all of that changed!
Ten years ago my mother passed away and my 5 child graduated from high school.  Suddenly, I had more time on my hands, began to feel depressed, and turned to food to help me feel better.  The weight began to slowly come on.  Six years ago, my last child graduated from high school and joined the Marines.  With the stress of three deployments and the dreaded empty nest, I continued to put on weight.  I would lose a few pounds, then put that plus a few more back on.  I couldn't keep it off and finally just quit trying.
After discussing this with my doctor, he recommended homeopathic HCG.  After doing some research, I found that you provided the same brand as my doctor at a more affordable price.  I started the HCG diet and was amazed at how quickly and easily the pounds and inches seemed to melt off!  I took the product for 30 days and lost 19 pounds. By the last day of stabilization, I had dropped another 2 pounds and began to eat normally again. 
In the first photo, with three of my daughters, I weigh 158 pounds.  My daughter holding the baby also used HCG and lost 15 pounds.  In the second photo, I weigh 137 pounds.  I am thankful to have been introduced to HCG.
Nancy Nicholas
Nancy Nicholas After
Jocelyn Londravillej londravile beforeI was on the HCG diet for 23 days and lost 4 pants sizes, these are the same clothes I worn. Wow look at the difference. My sister told me about HCG diet and how it worked for her, it worked better then I imagine it would. I never felt hungry, yes I wanted junk food. Then I would look at the scale and it helped me say "NO" to the junk food.
The easy of the weight lost tracker, help me keep track of food, calories, weight lost and how many inches lost (I lost over 39 inches.)  I have more weight to lose and will be restarting the HCG diet again soon.
Thank- you, HCG for the hope and new body.
Jocelyn Londraville
j londraville after
Carla Rock
Carla Rock1 before using Homeopathic HCG for Weight Loss
I have struggled with weight loss all of my adult life.  I am thrilled to have found HCG!  I was at my worst, both physically and mental last year after caring for and losing both of my parents.  I was depressed, stressed and worn out.  I turned to comfort food, and ballooned to 205 lbs.
I read all the information I could find on HCG and decided I had to try it, what did I have to lose, but my weight.  Eight weeks after following the plan I was 45 lbs lighter!  I have kept the weight off, I am back on Phrase 2 to finishing losing the weight to my goal of 140 lbs. 
I have severe allergies from pollens and other airborne pollutants as well as a dairy allergy.  I have never felt so good and I have since using and staying with the plan.  I have more energy and absolutely no sluggish feels!  HCG has totally changed my life!
Carla R.
Carla Rock2 after using Homeopathic HCG for Weight Loss
Jennifer HancockJennifer Hancock Before
Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss                           Jennifer Hancock After
Homeopathic HCG Weight LossHi Michael, 
I had been researching the HCG protocol for over a year before I decided to try it. Most of the time I was researching it I was pregnant. When I returned to work from maternity leave, I immediately noticed how different my coworker, Janice Wade, looked. I knew that she was planning to try it while I was on leave but didn't expect to see such a difference - she looks AMAZING! So, needless to say I was convinced of the miracle that this protocol is and bought my first bottle from you in October. I started my first round October 8th and I lost about 21 pounds in 21 days. I have lost at least 2 dress sizes, probably three - but I don't want to buy new pants until my current ones are totally falling off as I have a lot more to lose. I have about 110-ish more pounds to lose but even at 24 pounds less (I lost a few over maintenance) I feel fantastic and will be eternally grateful that you offer this option at such a reasonable price. In my research I found that there are many people selling HCG for hundreds of dollars, taking advantage of the profit opportunity. Had I not found your drops, I wouldn't have been able to afford this weight loss program. I'm also excited to continue my journey with Janice as well as with my mother and 2 of her coworkers who have recently ordered from your website.  Thank you for making my dreams come true this holiday season!
Attached you will find my before (October 8, 2010-R1P1D1) and most recent after (November 13, 2010 - R1P3D14) pictures. I'm quite proud, so post away. Also, I hope you don't mind that I've linked your website to my blog: - I just feel like your product is too good not to share!
I start my next round on Thanksgiving Day...I plan to do a long one so I'll need 2 bottles this time. Please let me know if I should just order straight through the website or not. No matter whether I'm one of the first 50, please feel free to post my testimonial anyway.
Jennifer Hancock
From Bobbie Weehunt
Being a 66 year old woman I can truthfully say that this HCG is wonderful, amazing and all the other adjectives I could put onto it.  I have, in my life time tried almost every diet item on the shelves, out of Dr. Offices and home remedies that you could possible think of and nothing has ever worked for me like your product.  As you and every one else knows I was skeptical to order especially since this product was much less, cost wise than any of the others I had found. 
I have a friend that told me about your web site and I ordered from you and have since ordered for a couple of friends and family members.  They all have the same results.  To think that hunger is no longer a problem and plain water actually taste good is a miracle in it's self.  I lost 35 lbs in 30 days and this was over the Thanksgiving holiday 2009.  I am now wanting to take it a step further and loose a bit more for health reasons and want to order another bottle.
Keep up the good work.
Bobbie Weehunt
Choctaw, Oklahoma
Shelly Wilson
Shelly Wilson Before
Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss
I want to thank you so much for this opportunity! Before I knew about HCG, I was working VERY hard. For 4mos. I exercised 2-3hrs/day, ate healthy and only lost 10lbs in the 1st month. Then a friend of mine said, "I think somethings wrong with your metabolism." So I started researching and was pointed in the direction of HCG. No other program offers to help you lose abnormal fat, reset your hypothalamus and actually give hope of a cure. I can honestly say at 1st I was skeptical. I am a personal trainer and have always done things with hard work. But obviously hard work wasn't paying off and I needed my body to start working correctly again. I took my body fat % at the beginning and again at the end. To my pleasant surprise, I lost NO lean mass, it was ALL fat. I now advocate this to anyone struggling with the affects of obesity or those who don't have time to dedicate to hours of exercise daily. Thank you again! This has truly saved my life!   
Here are my stats for 30 days-
Starting weight- 165
Ending weight- 142
Total loss- 23lbs
Starting BF% 39.5%
Ending BF% 30.53%
Total loss- 8.97%
Total inches lost- 36.75
Shelly Wilson
Shelly Wilson After
Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss
Nichole Gebhard writes:
Michael, I wanted to thank you for offering such a wonderful & affordable product here.  My husband & I have both done a round & are coming back to do another.  I personally have had such an incredible success - I had 25 lbs of baby weight to get off that I just couldn't lose.  I had tried several different diets, exercise etc but I just couldn't get the scale to move.  I had 2 babies back to back & my motivation/ energy wasn't the highest...and I just wasn't comfortable in my own skin.  My feet hurt all the time, I had heart problems (2 surgeries), I just wasn't happy & knew something had to give.  Then I found you & your website!  I dropped about 14-15 lbs on the 1st round I did about a year ago & have kept them off!  I have since ordered the drops for my mother & an Aunt & they have have AWESOME results as well!   My mom has since ordered from you again & my sister's in law from MO have ordered from you as well.  They both had actually gone through a HCG program at a well known weight loss clinic in MO, & had great success (both need to lose 80+ lbs).  I told them about your site & I know they have done at least 1 round following your protocol, both are down 45+ lbs so far after 2 rounds!  My husband lost about 10 pounds the 1st time & has kept it off, but needs to lose another 20.  His father was borderline diabetic & our fear is that my husband could be heading in that direction if we don't nip this in the bud soon.  I love this diet - I know the calorie count seems a little extreme but if you stick to it & are creative, the results are amazing!  I am telling everyone I know about this diet & how to contact you.  I do recommend that anyone considering this diet see their GP for lab tests before they start to make sure they are ok to do this & make sure there aren't any underlying conditions that should be addressed 1st.  I will look for some before/ after pictures to get over to you & I will definitely take them this time.  You are a God send!  For those of us who cannot afford the $1000 to go through the programs offered at the med spa's you have offered an affordable, safe alternative.
  Thank you ~ Nicole
Ashley Kennedy
Ashley Kennedy Before & After
Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss
My name is Ashley Kennedy and I started doing HCG because of my friend Janice Wade.
It’s round 2 and phase 2 day 27 and I’m down 70 lbs total (R1 & R2), down 23 for R2. I’ve gone from 373 lbs to 303 at present. I'm a 16/18 dress size, from being a 26/28 over 3 months ago. I haven't been able to try on jeans yet, but I'd be willing to bet that I'm a 22 in jeans, instead of a 26/28.
This diet has helped me get a handle on my self-control and on my emotional eating. I feel good about myself, sometimes I struggle with wanting to emotional eat but for the most part, I'm out of this crazy cycle that I've been in since I was 15 years old! Thank you so much for being a great supplier! I tell everyone I know to get their drops from you!
Janice Wade
Janice Wade1
Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss
My name is Janice and I have struggled with my weight since I was 7 years old.  I heard about this diet back in October 2009 but was nervous about starting it due to so many failures and not sure of what this diet was.  I researched it for 8 months and started it on May 3, 2010 at 372 lbs and now I am currently at 299.  I have 10 more days on my second round and then do maintenance.  In less than two rounds, I have lost 73 lbs!!!  I have a long way to go but in four months, my body and my attitude towards food is very different.  
Janice Wade2
Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss
Allison & Sean Carey
sean and Allison Carey
Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss
My name is Allison Carey and my husbands name is Sean Carey.
He started out at 248 and ended at 233, He lost 15 lbs.
I started out at 214.4 and ended at 192.0, I lost 22.4 lbs.
We chose to do this diet together to hold each other accountable. We are now in the maintenance phase and we are going to do another round. It is a challenging diet but the success and out come of it is amazing.. I am a person who needs to see the rapid weight loss and this is what I got from HCG so it helped me to stay on it and keep up with it, with out ever wanting to give up on it. I wish I would have heard about this diet over a year ago and I would have done it then too! Thank you to people like Michael who help make it affordable for people to diet and learn a new way of eating!! Because money was one of my biggest excuses for not dieting because it cost to much. Well not anymore.
My husband and I have suggested this to many of our friends and they have started it and are going to start it. So we will all be healthy and skinny together!! :) :)
Thank you!
Sean and Allison Carey
Allison Carey1a
Homeopathic HCG Weight LossAllison Carey2a
Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss
Sean Carey1
Homeopathic HCG Weight LossSean Carey2a
Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss
Megan Stahl
Megan Stahl1
Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss
... "my name is megan stahl, i discovered hcg through my workplace at a skilled nursing home.most of the office workers and nurses were using hcg and having much success. i was a skeptic as i am very concerned with health. i, wanting to do the right thing with to my body, did  research on how it works what it does and its credibility. i found that it is not just another fad but does in fact reset your hypothalamus in you brain to your new weight. i have done all my pre reqs for nursing program and i am very familiar with the different types of hormones and how they work. after two rounds if hcg i have achieved and maintained my weight loss for over 6 months! i am happy with my body and would recommend the diet to all who want to realistically reach their goal as well as maintaining a healthy life style. what i like about this diet is that it does follow healthful eating and encourages healthful eating, and for permanent weight loss it is a lifestyle change and this diet gives you the bump you need to go all the way and maintain. sincerely megan stahl"
Megan Stahl2
Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss
Ivan S.
I don't have photos, but I must say that your product works great!  
HCG is fast and effective and your service is second to none!
Best regards, Ivana"
Jim Sachs
Jim Sachs1 before using Homeopathic HCG for Weight Loss
     I ordered a bottle of your hcg drops about six weeks ago. I went from 467lbs to 441lbs and a waist size of 60 to 52. I am in my second week of phase 3 and continue to keep of the 26 lbs I managed to lose. When I started dieting in January I weighed 497 lbs when I joined a local gym.. The drops totally helped me kick my soda addictions of 6-8 sodas a day. Include I have included some pictures. I will be starting my 2nd round of phase 2 at the end of the month..."
Jim Sachs2 after using Homeopathic HCG for Weight Loss
La Vonne W.
"It seems as if I have been dieting all my life. I am a 59 female and have been on every diet imaginable.  The HCG has been the most effective diet or lifestyle change by far!  When I started I weighed 185 and today I way 163.   The weight came off in all the right places and look and feel great.  I can't wait to start the next round..."
Karen B.
Karen Best after
"Hi. i am karen best. i have begun the homeopathic hcg. wt is 182.  goal is 40 lb wt loss. this my testimony. i will keep you posted..."
Nathan Beste
Nathan Beste1 before using Homeopathic HCG for Weight Loss
 I have tried almost everything to lose weight.  And then I heard of HCG from my friend.  I said what the heck lets give it a shot.  I started at 288lbs and I am now down to 258lbs and still dropping.  I still have a few weeks left to go and hoping to hit my goal weight of 230lbs.  HCG drops have helped me get down to a weight that I haven't seen in over 5 years.  I must say it definitely works!
Nathan Beste
Nathan Beste2 after using Homeopathic HCG for Weight Loss