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Select the link above to purchase Blood Type and Geno Type supplements directly from North American Pharmcal.
Select the above link to order directly from Drucker Labs.  Use code:  HCPmg490
Select the above link to log into the Bemer America website and view information regarding bio-electric magnetic energy and the benefits it brings to your health and balance.
Select the above link to download a document regarding the Candida Diet.  I carry several excellent supplements if you are interested in eliminating Candida overgrowth from your system.  Use the Contact Me page for more information.  It makes an excellent addition to the HCG diet protocol.  You get several "birds" with one stone!
Sound Vitality - Chi Institute
Meridian Stress Assessment  This website describes and provides information regarding the equipment I use (MSAS model) to help regain balance in Body, Mind and Spirit.
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Health and Fitness
Description: Your free guide to ultimate health and fitness. Read on our health and fitness tips including information on healthy living, healthy eating, slimming tips, and how to lose weight quickly. Know more about various diets and diet myths, metabolism and health and nutrition facts.
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