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HCG Weight Loss
Getting Started
All of us are anxious to get started and LOSE THAT WEIGHT!  And we all know about the roller coaster of trying to get that done.  I encourage everyone to begin this journey by reading Dr. Simeon's protocol from start to finish.  That gives you a basis right from the "horses mouth" to begin wrapping your brain around the changes to come.
To be successful this journey HAS to be more than just another weight loss adventure.  I'll be right up-front: HCG in any form, will be no different than any other diet program/plan, if you don't commit to making significant changes in your lifestyle and view of food.  You must be willing to...
Eliminate processed/manufactured/prepared foods with their chemicals, preservatives and additives, and
Eliminate foods that your body is allergic and/or intolerant of.
That being said, those of us who have done that (thousands now), have used Homeopathic HCG and Natural Weight Loss products to lose the weight and kept it off.  Those that stray from those principles, including myself, see weight start to come back on and you have to jump right back on your program and get serious again.
Prescription Hormone or Homeopathic?
I have personally used both.  For me the results were exactly the same.  I liked the fact that when I used the prescription it was one shot in the morning and I didn't have to worry about it the rest of my busy day.  It also helped "wrap my brain" around the fact that I was doing something special to lose the weight; Almost like a ritual to focus my intent.  The downside was the expense and difficulty in obtaining it.
The Homeopathic HCG is less expensive, easier to obtain and still provides the same great results.  You have to beware of inferior and scam products just like you do with prescription HCG and you have to be focused and diligent to get your drops in 3 times a day at regular intervals.  I practically had to set an alarm to remember because of being so busy everyday. 
Modifying the HCG Diet to Blood Type
I have found both in myself and those I've worked with that we get better results when the Homeopathic HCG Diet is modified to match your Blood Type.  This takes you a long way towards eliminating those foods that your body is intolerant of.  I encourage everyone I work with to do this whether they need to lose weight or are trying to be healthier and live the best quality of life that they can.  The Blood Type diet is a great start.  If you were to come to me in person we would fine tune the food lists even more by using Meridian Stress Assessment Analysis, but the published lists for the Blood Type Diet get you real close.  You can read more about that at  Here are copies of the modified diet for your blood type: