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Michael Griffin todayWelcome to Northwoods!
My personal Mission Statement is: As a man among men I provide safety and healing to myself and those around me.  I discovered that mission in 2004 while attending the New Warrior Training weekend sponsored by the Mankind Project.  It was life changing for me to say the least.  Truly a major event in my life's journey and I've been endeavoring to live it ever since.  This reflects and is woven into my practice.
I began a life's vocation of Natural Healing when I was 13 years old.  My father was becoming sicker even though he was seeing two different doctors in North Hollywood, California.  I took it upon myself to go to the college library and look up the medications they had given him for gout and hypertension.  I found that they were contraindicated and not supposed to be given together; That is what was making him feel worse.  He let me suggest some herbal remedies I had researched and he went off his prescriptions.  He got better and so the journey began... I took my first body work training in Southern California in the late 70's and began pursuing education in Psychology as well as Natural Healing.  After a detour to take care of family financial matters, in Law Enforcement of all things, I went back to school and got my Oregon Massage License in 1998 and have pursued Bodywork and Natural Healing methods ever since.  I have given Natural Weight Loss a special focus.
On a more personal note I spent the majority of my life morbidly obese.  I began gaining weight at 5 years old after surviving sexual assault from a 24 year old cousin.  Fairly typical of those types of events I blanked out and "buried" my trauma in fat and food.  I began healing in my 30's and ended up having Gastric By-Pass surgery in 2001.  I had gotten up to 360 pounds with all the pain, suffering and sicknesses that entails.  There were complications with the surgery and I nearly died...I spent 11 days in the Intensive Care Unit and then another 2 months with a GI tube in my nose.  A rough start, but one I needed.  I dropped 120 pounds and started feeling better.  I did more physical and emotional healing (like I mentioned in the first paragraph above) and was able to change my eating habits/addictions working with a modified Blood Type Diet.  Through homeopathy, nutrition and supplements I became much healthier and was able to quit taking 90% of all the prescriptions I had been on for years.  I lost another 30 pounds.  Over the last hear I have used Homeopathic HCG and other Natural Weight Loss products to lose the last of my weight.  It has helped do some "body sculpting" and cemented my satisfaction with my new eating lifestyle.  Finally, no diet, just a permanent Life Change!  I am healthy and stable at half the man I used to be and loving it.  Life's journey and growth will continue as long as I'm alive but I can finally rejoice in how far I've come ( and not cringe at being a hypocrite regarding my knowledge and belief regarding health) rather than be depressed with how far I have yet to go.
This is me in 1998 before beginning my health and weight loss journey.
Me in 1998 before I began my Natural Weight Loss journey.Me after finishing my Mankind Project New Warrior Training Weekend in 2004 ready to get moving on Natural Weight Loss
Me after The New Warrior Training in 2004.
2832 Eastmount St
Klamath Falls, OR 97603-6944
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